Shakti Peeths

Shakti Peeth Pilgrimage Tour

Shakti Pilgrimage Tour - West Bengal

    Shakti Pilgrimage Day 1

    Arrival into Kolkata Rest up and meet up for introductions and explanations of group and Tour

    Shakti Pilgrimage Day 2

    Explore the important Shakti Peeth in Maa Kali's Home city of Kolkata. Visiting Kalighat in the morning and in the evening enjoy the sunset ceremony at Dakshineswar Kali Temple

    Shakti Pilgrimage Day 3

    Travelling to Shantiniketan which will be our main hub for the next 4 days

    Taking in some very important Shakti Peeth on Route

    Jogadya Shakti Peeth

    Ujani Shakti Peeth

    Shakti Pilgrimage Day 4

    Pilgrimage of Important Shakti Peethas in the Surrounding area

    Bakreswar Shakti Peeth and Hot Springs

    Attahasa Shakti Peetha

    Kamakshi Shakti Peeth

    Attohas Tala Shaktipeeth

    Bahula Shaktipeeth

    Shakti Pilgrimage Day 5

    Pilgrimage of Important Shakti Peethas in the Surrounding area

    Nandikeswari Tala


    Nalateswari Temple

    Kiriteswari Temple/ Vimala ( Kirita) Shaktipeeth


    Shakti Pilgrimage Day 6

    Return To Kolkata

    Flights to Guwahati in the Afternoon/Evening

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    Assam is home to Kamakhya Temple

    Considered to be the Most important of all Shakti Peeth







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