Swayambunath Stupa Monkey Temple

Swayambunath Monkey Temple

The great Stupa of Swayambu. Is situated on a mount in the western direction of the Kathmandu Valley. It's name means "Self created or self existant Buddha". The myth and story behind the formation of the valley and the arising of the stupa are very much inter linked. The spread of buddhism in Nepal is very much associated with this stupa and is considered the most important power placein the valley for the buddhists and pilgrims.

In the long distance strides of time, before the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha, during the Satya yuga the buddha Vipashyi was in nepal meditatingon the hill on the western side of this lake. As the un cilvilised people of the mountains had no object of worship VIpashyi threw a lotus seed into the lake. When the lotus bloomed a light shone from the centre and this illuminated the whole valley.This light was called Swayambhu Dharmadhatu " Self sprung Infinite field of light " The light of Vajradhara's enlightened mind burned in the centre and produced the five colours of the the rainbow with each colour one of the five Buddhas: Vairochana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Amoghasddhi. At Wutai Shan, the five peaked mountain, Manjushri was living. He could see that the people of the Himalayas would be greatly benefited if the lake were drained and therefore people Could be allowed access to thethe Swayambunath Lotus and the flame accesable to human Worship. Manjushri came to Nagarkot Peak and deliberated whilst sitting in Samadhi how to best drain the lake.

Using his sword of wisdom he cut a gorge through the mountain range and the Lake was drained . He also cut at Gokara Gorge, Pashupati Gorge, and the Chobar gorge. A town by the name of Manjupatan was founded and one of his Devotees was enthroned as king Dharmakara. He gave many teachings on craft art ritual and the ten rights of Passage.

Underneath the Kathmandu Valley lies the cosmic ocean, the area of the Nagas and water spirits Here it is said the the cosmic turtle lies motionless. Here it supports the Thousand pettaled lotus and its burden of Flame after the lake was drained. A great piece of timber seven fathoms in circumference and forty two fathoms in height, was set up on the back of the turtle. Earth and stone were tehn piled around the axis by forty two thousand arhats from Vulture peak. Thus the primordial swayambu stupa was erected. The great timber axis is also identified as the primordial buddha Vajradhara himself.

On top of a jewel lotus, the blessing of the buddha Vipashyi, the victoriously Enlightened Vajradhara spontaneously arose from the pure land of akanishta as a great sacred treeof life, the axis of the stupa. This self sprung temple of wisdom confers spiritual liberation by sight of it, by touching it, by hearing of it, or by reflecting upon it. Thirteen billion times more merrit is gained by worshiping the swayambhu Dharmadhatu stupa than by worshiping any other power place.