Namo Buddha

Namo Buddha

To the east of Kathmandu valley lies Namo Buddha. In aprevious life Buddha Shakyamuni offered his body to a starving Tigress. It is said that locl people out of fear would not utter the name of this stupa. "Tiger Body gift" but instead would invoke the name of buddha saying "Namo Buddhaya" "Hail to the buddha !" Since to speak the buddhas name is to be free from fear, both Hindus and Buddhists fell into this convention, and thus the place became known as Namo Buddhaya, or more commonly Namo Buddha.

Namo Buddha is widely known as one of the three principal places of pilgrimage.

The Tibetan association with the stupa is demonstrated by a restoration project under the sponsorship of a Tibetna Lama named Tokden Shakya Shri. His sons and disciples help manage the restoration of all three majour Valley stupas between 1917 and 1920 The storey of Namo Buddha is found in the Jakata tales and is also related in the Mahayana sutra entitled the Golden light Sutra

Golden Light Sutra -- Offering to the Tigress

It describes Prince Siddhartha in a previous life as called Prince Mahasattva. The story relates how one day while hunting with his brothers they came accross a Tigress with a pack of young cubs. The Mother was emaciated through lack of food and not capable of feeding her young. Knowing that eventually the mother would eat her own cubs he decided to return back without his brothers and offer himself to the Tigress. He was found later by his brothers. His hair and bones were enshrined in the stupa at Namo Buddha

It is said that when Shakyamuni Buddha himself visited the valley on pilgrimage, after giving a teaching at gopuccha Parbat on Manjushri Hill, he came to Namo Buddha. He gave teaching of the jataka story and about his previous incarnation. when finishing his teaching he claped his hands and the stupa of the bohisatva, which had been hidden underground suddenly appeared.