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Buddha Pilgrimage

The most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhist to visit are Bodhgaya Saranath, Kushinagar and Lumbini.

Each of these sites are steeped in history and it is always worthwhile to know and appreciate the finer aspects of each pilgrimage site before you go. And always help full to have a guide to help you really engage in the culture and history

From Saranath where Buddha first turned the wheel of Dharma to Bodhgaya where he realised the true nature of things under the Bodhi Tree there is a story that unfolds.

Visiting the Ancient Learning centres of Nalanda and reciting the heart sutra in Rajgir Vultures Peak.

Tasting the Touch of impermanence at Kushinagar where buddha entered Paranirvana.

Celebrating life in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha.


 Bodhgaya Meditation

Buddha Shakya Muni came down from his meditation cave where he had been practising for 6 years. Frail from not eating he sat under a Banayan tree. A woman named Sujata offered him curd. He accepted and a divine truth entered him that neither extreme self indulgence nor self abasement is the right way to attain enlightenment. Buddha attained the knowledge that following the middle path was required to attain the supreme Nirvana.

Buddhist Pilgrimage


Sarnath Pilgrimage

Buddha first Turned the wheel of Dharma in Sarnath at Deer park

It is here that he taught the four noble truths for the first time to his first four disciples

It is mentioned by the Buddha as one of the four places of pilgrimage which his devout followers should visit.

Buddhist Pilgrimage


 Kushinagar Pilgrimage

Buddha's Paranirvana

One of the four most important holy sites for Buddhists. At this location, Gautama Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana.

Buddha passed away at this place near the Hiranyavati River and was cremated at the Ramabhar stupa. It was once a celebrated center of the Malla kingdom. Many of its stupas and viharas date back to 230 BC-AD 413.

Buddhist Pilgrimage


Lumbini Pilgrimage

Buddha was born in Lumbini Nepal

Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini while his mother was on her way to parental home from Kapilvastu.

Lumbini is one of the four main places pilgrimage that sprang up in places pivotal to the life of Gautama Buddha; other notable pilgrimage sites include Kushinagar, Bodh Gaya and Sarnath.

In the Buddha's time, Lumbini was situated between Kapilavastu and Devadaha (both in Nepal). A pillar now marks the spot of Ashoka's visit to Lumbiní.

Buddhist Pilgrimage